Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Converting?

Facebook Ads up-and-running? Check. Targeted AF audience? Check. Decent ads budget? Check check #CHECK.

Buuuuut still? Crickets. Tumbleweeds. Zilch conversions.

Followed by the ol’… “Facebook Ads don’t work for my business” line. (There’s one way to get me #triggered).

Whether you like it or not, there are so many factors that weigh in on the success rate of a Facebook Ad. And I guarantee you… you’re ignoring at least half of these aspects.

These tips? I typically save them for my 1:1 Facebook Ad Training sessions and paying clients. Buuuut you guys NEED this. Really bad. So, without further adieu? Lets say goodbye to the FB Ad radio silence, and a big HI HELLO WELCOME to ROI, conversions, and legitimate leads.

OK. Here’s 7 reasons your Facebook Ads aren’t converting.

1. They’re too sales-y

It’s time to face the facts. We are no longer impressed by pushy sales tactics. Instead, we (as consumers) crave stories, connection, human interaction and above all COMMUNITY.

These days, we are really good at identifying whether someone genuinely cares about our wants and our needs as consumers. We are much savvier in identifying real value over promotional content. This means that as marketers, we need to forget about how much money we are going to make and instead focus on providing genuine value and what we can do to help OTHERS.

What problem does your product/service solve? Why will your offerings improve the lives of your customers? Your ads should communicate that your audience / customers are your no.1 priority. Show that you care, that you are honest and are genuinely interested in providing a solution to their problems.

2. You’re tweaking them too much/too little

This is a mistake I see happen most frequently. Please please PLEASE do not put up an ad and then neglect to keep a close eye on the results; what’s working and what’s not.

That said… visiting Facebook ads daily and making changes (big and small) is another mistake I see just as often. It actually takes Facebook a couple of days (particularly with smaller budgets) to understand your audience, and optimise accordingly – so it’s important we don’t disrupt the process by changing things too regularly.

As a rough guideline, I suggest coming back to your Facebook Ad results every 2 – 3 days and really taking a look at where your copy, imagery, audience etc. can be optimised.

3. You don’t have a strong organic Facebook content strategy

Believe it or not, but people will sometimes visit/like your Facebook page after viewing your ad. It’s for this reason that we MUST have a quality organic Facebook strategy in place. You need to have your Facebook page set up properly, i.e. quality profile and cover photo, an engaging bio/story, and most importantly you need to be consistently posting valuable organic content (before and after your ad is published).

Here’s a bit of an example of how it’s worked for me:

I ran an ad solely for new page likes, and subsequently gained 40+ new page likes. Those 40+ new people that liked my page? I got to push them further down the sales funnel through organic FB content. Here’s what happened.

1. Created + optimised an ad for new page likes.

2. Got 40+ new likes.

3. Continued posting new (highly valuable) organic content for those 40+ new people to see.

4. One of the “new page likes” reached out to me through FB messenger (aka? Moved further down the sales funnel).

5. We then locked in $1,200 worth of SM services together.

This is the beauty of FB Ads. You actually get to RETARGET consumers through organic Facebook content (and the Facebook pixel, but we’ll get to that later).

This retargeting is often where the majority of your conversions will come from.

4. You don’t have your Facebook pixel set up / set up properly

The Facebook Pixel is up there with one the most powerful, *cough* FREE marketing tools we have available to us. It costs literally nothing to have it installed, it takes less than 10 minutes to set up, AND it allows you to track the conversions of your ad, i.e. how your customers are interacting with your website after looking at your ad. So, whether they’re purchasing, viewing certain pages/products, making a purchase, adding something to their cart… the list goes on.

It essentially allows you to RETARGET people who have already visited your website/made a purchase/added to cart/subscribed to your newsletter etc.

Ever gone browsing through an online store, checked out a certain product, abandoned it, checked FB and BAM … the exact same product is right there at the top of your news feed screaming “BUY ME”?

Yep. That’s the Facebook Pixel.

It’s an absolute gold mine for us biz owners. And if you don’t have it installed on your website yet, this is just your friendly/passive aggressive reminder to spend the next 10 minutes getting it on there ASAP.

5. Your landing page is average

Everyone thinks an ad’s performance is based solely on the ad set up itself. Hate to break it to you Susan, but this is far from true. It is so important to consider the entire experience your prospective customer will go through before they make a purchase.

How many clicks are involved before you actually get the sale/lead? How many forms do they have to fill out? Does your sales page offer the best possible representation of your service / product? And better yet, does your sales page CLEARLY outline what your prospective customer can expect from this purchase / investment?

By getting each aspect of your customer’s journey right, and optimising for a high conversion rate? THAT is where the real success stems from.

6. Too many words

Attention-spans. They’re these reeeeally ancient things we used to have pre-social media, where we could actually concentrate on a particular activity or subject for more that 2.5 seconds.

Jokes aside, we need to consider the attention-spans of consumers (or lack there-of). This means limited words and making sure our copy is concise, to the point, and still providing value.

Can’t write for sh*t? Hire a copywriter. And trust me when I say that investing in a copywriter for your Facebook Ads, landing page, sales page, etc. *is* a worthwhile investment.

Side note: In case you need a suggestion or two, Wild Spark Copy & Wordfetti are literal word queens. Hit them up for all the word magic AKA FB Ad Optimisation.

7. You haven’t edited your placements


Editing your placements allows you to define your audience manually and ensure your ad is showing up on the right person’s screen, and in the right place. I’ve heard stories about eBook ads showing up on Tinder. True story.

I’ll keep this one short-and-sweet, because its really simple. But by managing where your ads are showing up, you’re going to optimise your results.

And there you have it, folks. Optimise AWAY!

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