How to be authentic on Instagram and build a true community

People buy from people. The number one lesson I’ve learned in business so far, is the importance of building relationships, and just how far one relationship can potentially take you.

There are a lot of people who will want to take advantage of you and your business, people who are fake, people who don’t care…but there ARE people out there who are genuine, who WILL care, and I’m going to break down exactly how to find those people and why it’s your pathway to success in your business.

Personality Required: You Are Not A Robot

You may have seen people harp on about how important it is to step out from behind the business and show your face. And as scary as that may seem to some people, do you really realise just HOW important it is?

We hear stories of people being burned, not having their invoices paid, work not being delivered, people just going MIA on communication. I’ve been burned before and all it’s given me is more stress, anger, and distrust towards others.

Which is why I will never hire someone if I cannot see their face. I just can’t bring myself to trust someone if I can’t see their face or know what they’re like ‘in person’. It’s as simple as that. This is why social media is the PERFECT place to ‘date’ potential clients. It gives you endless opportunities to prove to people that YOU are real, that YOU care, that YOU are not going to flake on them.

This is why it’s so important to book in that brand photoshoot, to show up on stories face to cam and chat, to constantly give value to your audience so they know you’re not shady Shane. It’s kind of like what our parents told us when we were kids. Don’t hop into cars with strangers (with Uber being the exception). I believe the same rules apply to services. Don’t hop into a service with a stranger.

Give Constant Value With The Intention Of Impact

Do you notice when you speak to someone about a topic they’re passionate on, their whole face lights up? You can hear it in their voice how much they freaking love what they do. Be THAT person!

When we come from a place of service and passion, this energy is automatically transferred to the person watching. People feed off each other’s energy. If you’re coming in with a high vibe, inspiring, passionate energy, others will feel that and be more drawn to YOU as a person, and therefore, drawn to your services.

I get that some days it’s hard to show up. And I’m not saying you have to show up every day of the week. But if you truly want something badly enough, you’ll do anything to make it happen right? Sometimes showing up when you’re feeling off can actually be a good thing. It shows that you’re human.

Quick Tips to Build An Engaged Community:

I’m going to just gun fire these right at you:

  • Make sure your face is all over your feed (If I can’t see a face, I don’t follow)

  • Reply to EVERY single comment (people take valuable time out of their day to comment, the least you can do is respond with your own time)

  • Utilise video (enough said)

  • Use Instagram Story features to engage your followers and interact with them (questions, polls, quizzes etc)

  • Give value without expecting anything in return (they WILL come)

  • Engage (you can’t expect people to just come to you via hashtags. Go out and find your people!)

  • Encourage people to hop into your DMs (this is a magical place where relationships are built a lot faster than engaging with someone constantly on their feed).

If you truly want to build a successful business on Instagram, you’ve got to show up authentically as you. And bring ALL of you to the table. Every single weird, quirky, silly trait you have. There’s room of everyone in this world of online biz. We can share it with others. All you need is you, your personality, and a determination to create impact and inspire.

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