How To Brand Your Social Media Platforms

Scrolling through your social media, you probably notice that your favourite accounts to interact with have one thing in common; consistent branding. From the images and colours used, to the way they talk to you (and with you), these guys are the ones who just ‘get you’ and show it with great branding ALL THE TIME.

So how can you get that same look and feel, along with an engaged audience who enjoys your business journey? Here are my top tips to get you started!

Choose a theme or colour palette

When you developed your business, you no doubt went down the branding path. Often people just think of this as their logo and maybe a business card design and that’s about it.

But it is SO much more than that. What colours are attached to your brand? What images evoke exactly what your business is about? These elements need to inform a theme across your social platforms.

Here are a handful of ways you can get a consistent theme and look across your platforms:

  • Accent colours: Keep your accent and brand colours consistent. Develop a pattern of what colours are used when and soon you will see a great flow across your platforms that delight the eyes.

  • Fonts: You have mere seconds to grab the attention of your audience. Don’t make it hard for them to read your content! Use fonts that are reader friendly but that align with your branding.

  • Photo cropping and composure: Be consistent here. If you have social platforms with a range of random images that just don’t mix, are different sizes and lack the same lighting, people are going to lost interest pretty quickly.

  • Filters and editing: Don’t be scared of using filters to pretty up your content. I know, creating content can be hard to fit in your routine as a business owner. So, while taking photos and videos at the same time of day will get you the best results for lighting, use some photo editing apps to help you out too. Decide the feel of your platforms and stick to it!


Use consistent language

Alongside your branding ‘look’, you need to know the way your business is going to talk to its audience. Is it witty, serious, cheeky? Whatever language you are going to use and however you are going to write, make sure it’s consistent and speaks to your ideal audience. There will be nothing more confusing than your followers thinking that with every post they see and read, it’s a different business posting it. Be your brand and speak it!


Don’t be scared of emojis and symbols

Great photo and video content is of course very important to engage your audience, but don’t be afraid to take it another step further! Emojis and symbols in your captions and posts can be a great way to breakdown your written content and add some more personality into your brand. Be adventurous, add some humour (if relevant) and show your audience exactly what you’re all about.

Use live video

Here is the BIGGIE! If you are not yet using the live video capabilities of many of the social platforms your business is on, you are missing out. With the algorithms on platforms always changing and engagement being more and more (and more) important, using live video to show off what you do is so important.

This is the place where you can go a little more behind the scenes of your business. It can be more spontaneous than a regular post, but allows you to continue to stay on brand with your messaging and give your followers a ‘here and now’ feel of what is going on.

At the end of the day, your brand is (or should be) as unique as you and I; you need to show that in your social content. Whether it’s a focus on the products you sell or the story behind the business, highlight it, make it look amazing and be consistent!

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Written by: Jodie from Dot Com Digital