Facebook groups for Entrepreneurs

Facebook is a great platform to use as an entrepreneur, even with the implementation of their algorithm and trying to understand exactly what it means for your business. There is a great opportunity to make new connections, learn new skills from the best and attain new clients.

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or you’ve had your business for a while you’ll know that you can find and attain clients from certain Facebook groups. Not only that you can learn from entrepreneurs themselves who are at the level you want to be at. Whether that’s with geographical freedom, or financial freedom. Some groups specialise in specific topics that you have to be part of if you want to learn and grow.

So I have compiled a list of groups that you should join if you’re new to the online sphere or you’re looking to grow and learn new skills to further progress your business.

Smart Entrepreneurs Scale & Grow.

This group is for smart service-based entrepreneurs who dream BIG and who want to get smart about scaling their businesses on autopilot with free, consistent website traffic. Camilla is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to SEO and Pinterest and driving traffic. She holds Pinterest challenges to help you grow, giving hints and tips that you can’t miss.

The Flow as Fuck Entrepreneur.

Christie (who runs the group) has grown her business based on what her soul and heart desired; trusted in her instinct and intuition on all biz and life decisions. Now she’s at six figures in less than a year. Christie gives so much value in this group, to help you grow your business. She goes about things the Unorthodox way – if you will, forgetting the rules and forging her own path and that’s something to really admire.

The Intentional Entrepreneurs with Sabrina Phillips.

This group was created to support entrepreneurs in building a business that feels good, with a strong support structure in place, and multiple streams of high-profit income so they can achieve ultimate personal and financial freedom. Sabrina is hands-down amazing, and it’s inspirational to see what she’s accomplished in a year of her business. I have been doing one of her courses which I am still finishing, it’s been revolutionary and shown me things I would have never thought of. She isn’t live a lot within her group, however when she is she has great points to implement into your business and it’s a great way to find out about her upcoming courses.

The Boss Goddess Tribe.

This is a community of high vibe, go-getter, spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to take their life and business to a whole new level. Massive unleveling happens in this group, and we are all here to support each other to find and manifest our own versions of success. Hayley, is a mindset and success coach and she is lovely. She’s also quite active within this group really wanting us to engage within the group. She is live regularly giving great tips.

Elle and Company Community.

Is a space for you to connect, learn, and grow your creative business. This group is run by Lauren Hooker, who is a graphic designer and business strategist. Using Squarespace as a main platform, she gives so much knowledge behind this as well as all things design. You can read all about this in her blogs, or join her in Ellechat in her group.

Dubsado Community.

Is a killer system (that I myself use). It’s all in one place. Setting up contracts, sending invoices. Applying workflows so you can gain a lead with less time spent stressing. It’s a great system, and as they continue to grow the Facebook group is a great way to find out about up and coming features, as well as ask questions if things are unclear, the team is very responsive.

Virtual Assistant Savvies.

If you’re wanting to become, have just started or been a VA for a while this is the group for you. Created by Abbey, this is a great group to ask your questions, learn how to become a VA, and get tips and tricks on apps and programs fit for a VA Queen or King.

Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine.

This was the first entrepreneurial group I joined and it’s great. Filled with ambitious female entrepreneurs who help each other out. You can ask for help and there is always someone willing to help you out. They also hold events so definitely worth looking into.

Entrepreneur Overwhelm Eliminator.

I get it as an entrepreneur it can be quite overwhelming, however within my group I want to eliminate that overwhelm teaching you and giving you resources that will help you grow and most importantly eliminate the overwhelm.

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Written by: Jess from Jessica M Studio