How to use the Image Block on Squarespace

Images add so much life to websites, and I always emphasise the importance of having high quality images on your site so that you look professional. Today I’m going to be walking you through all the ways that you can use the Image block on Squarespace. The options allow you to choose a block that fits well with you and your business.

Inline Image

This is probably the most used options for how to display images. It’s plain and simple. The little grey button sitting on the line under the image allows you to change the size of the image, however that may mean that you will have to move the focus tool if it cuts out part of an image.


Poster image

This is my second most used image display and it’s great. For this reason, it’s great way to summarise a service or package and include a button underneath to have them click through for more information. So your title may be “Web Design” Your subtitle text “Get a killer website designed seamlessly” and then underneath a button to your services page. To get the button to pop up, then under image link click button, you can also have the Image clickable if you didn’t want the button. However I would always recommend the button.


Card image

Card Image utilises white space (which I am a huge fan of!) You can clearly have you image and relevant text opposite it. It’s a very clean way of incorporating text with an image. You have some editing options to change the image position.


Overlap Image

This option has text sitting on top of an image, I would only use this if your image is clean and ensure your text doesn’t get lost in the image. Again as long as you can distinctly tell what your text says then that’s the main thing. Don’t make it hard for your potential client or customer to read the text.


Collage Image

Collage Image is quite similar to the overlap however has a distinct background that allows the text to stand out and not get lost in the image. You do have the option in Style Editor to change the background colour sitting behind the text.


Stack Image

I have never used stack, as it’s had no relevance for my clients or myself. However this would be a good way to showcase products on pages other than the “shop” page with a description sitting underneath.


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Written by: Jess from Jessica M Studio