Manifestation : Why It’s Not Working

I can’t wave a magic wand and make your desires come true, only you have that power.

You have the power to…
– Ask & receive
– Use your energy to attract
– Have what you want

But you’ll never see what you desire enter your life if you don’t do the following…


Get Clear on exactly what you want. Pull out a journal and write down all of the details of the thing you want to manifest. For example if you just said I want to find a new house the universe could send you anything – but if you describe that you want an open plan living area with lots of light, a big backyard etc you instantly change what you receive.

If you want it : you need to ASK for it.

Not just once or twice, but every single day. One of the reasons that you are continuing to manifest more of the same and not what you desire is because you’re scared to asked, or embarrassed to declare it. Be unapologetic and fiercely confident in showing up every day and saying : “This is what I want”. You can say it out loud in the mirror or write it in your journal.

Take action.

Stop waiting for something to happen or for your mood or energy to lift. You need to do that through action. Think of the clarity of what you want. Then create a plan : make action steps that you can start on, little ones, every day! And get moving. By living out this action it helps to keep your vibration at the level of your manifestation.


In order to see it in your life, you need to be the energy, be the person, live the life you would be living when you have this manifestation. For example, if you own a business and want to become a full time biz owner, don’t say “oh I’ll wait til I go full-time to hire a coach”. Change your habits, change your behaviour, change your language. Think of the people who have what you are manifesting, make a list of their qualities or rituals and DO THAT!

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Written by Hannah from Hi Hannah Maree