5 ways to choose you every single morning

It’s cool to be conscious! 

Conscious of how you feel, conscious of what your body is telling you, your relationships, your needs and what you’re being called to.

This is how you can choose YOU every single morning…

Connect with nature in some way.

Go for a walk, go outside and wiggle your toes in the grass, watch the sunrise, sit outside while you eat breakfast. 

Prioritise your health with how you start the day.

Eat breakfast every day. Make a smoothie the night before if you find yourself making excuses when it gets to the actual morning and it saves time.

Dink 500ml – 1 litre of water when you wake up (Slowly over the course of an hour).

This wakes you up naturally without coffee and means you don’t crash. BONUS: improves your skin and mood

Read a book for 15 minutes.

Do an oracle card spread.

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Written by Hannah from Hi Hannah Maree