The most important and overlooked website feature

You’re probably racking your brain for what it is right?

I mean it could be a whole number of things, but this is probably the number one thing that is either overlooked, or not implemented correctly.

Drumroll please …

Call To Action (CTA)

These are the number one feature of your website and I will tell you why.

First though, what’s a Call To Action? It’s basically telling your potential client or customer what to do and most times found in the form of a button. Some CTA’s include:

  • Learn more

  • Contact me

  • Find out more

  • See packages here

  • Shop now

These allow for flow throughout your website, it’s guiding your potential client/customer to the final destination that you want them to reach. So it could be to your contact page, it could be to book a call, or to shop your awesome products.

So if you have a service based business the goal of your website is to feed them information about your packages and get them to book your services, whether that’s by filling a form, booking a call etc.

So by having your CTA activated you’re helping them get there.


You’re a designer, and your ideal client has landed on your homepage (AWESOME!!) ok so they have seen your header and they want to find out more so they scroll down to see a summary of your packages, underneath that is a button that says “See more packages” so they click on it to see your packages. On the page they are impressed with what’s included but they want to see your past work, so underneath “What’s included” section you have a button “See past work”, they click on it and leads them to your best work, and they are impressed (obviously you’re amazing at what you do). So they decide to get in contact and to make their lives easier under your work you have a button that says “contact me”. You’ve done it! You got them to the final destination! and now they are going enquire, or book a discovery call etc.

That’s why it’s so important, you need to and should want to lead them seamlessly through to where you want them

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Written by: Jess from Jessica M Studio