How to provide value to your audience

When it comes to a business, people often just want to sell sell sell. Because if you just sell that’s where the money is, right? 


Consumers don’t usually buy just the product or service, they usually buy because of the brand. And to build the brand you need to build relationships and you do that through value and trust. You know that amazing marketing funnel thing that people know about but don’t really use because it seems boring and hard? The top of funnel, awareness, is key to building value. It is all about providing quality free content, amazing advice and showing up on your website, socials and online. 

So how do you do this? 


You want your value to have relevance to your product or service. If you are thinking – but how do I give valuable, free content when I’m just talking about ‘insert your product here’. A good thing to do is to create a topic map – which allows you to think about relevant topics that you can talk about that have some relation to your brand. For example: If your product is exercise clothing you could branch out and talk about exercises, different recipes for meals and smoothies. Or for a service based business: Say you are a computer and mobile repairer, you could provide content on the latest computers, reviews on new/old products, write how-to guides for tech and even record videos. 

Be authentic and unique

Just be you. Being authentic and unique is what makes business grow and prosper. Have you ever looked at a businesses instagram and you can just tell that they are just selling, and trying to get people to buy without putting in any time or adding value? Don’t be that business.

Also your mind is pretty smart. You can feel off about a brand before you even know why and that can be due to you not feeling like they are being real. 

Note: I’m not saying don’t sell – you still need to make money! Just make sure you are adding value to your audience as well.

Personal Branding

Personal branding is something that you can bring into your company or keep completely separate. For me, my brand is an extension of me. For other businesses you may want to not have your face or name to anything. Like I said before, people will buy or use you just for your brand, and sometimes that’s because of the person behind the brand! 

Value outputs and social media

A great place to share your value is through social media! Shock! Once you figure out your marketing and content strategy you will then work out through which social media platforms you will use. You will plan out what sort of value you are going to provide and how – whether it is through blogs, video, posts, podcasts and even workshops or webinars. 

Be Consistent 

Once you start building a community, you need to be consistent in the value that you provide. Whether it’s free content or whether its just posting on your social media – it’s about showing up for your people!

Written by: Kye Anderson