Tips to avoid burnout

You are working hard to get your business running, or are trying to get it to grow. You are doing early mornings and late nights, with little sleep because you are constantly thinking about things to do with your business. 

This can be fine for a short period of time but in the long run? You will burn out. 

Now burn out can appear in many different ways. You might be super irritable, you aren’t liking the things you used to like or maybe you constantly keep getting sick or you just know you aren’t being yourself.

You see, we are working so hard to achieve this goal we desperately want (and need) to achieve, that we forget that our body and mind needs rest as well. 

We need time to reset and re-power so that we can operate at the level we need to. 

But all that said, it can be extremely hard to let yourself switch off and have a break. You can start to feel guilty that while you are watching Netflix, this is time you could be working on your business. 

So how do you rest without guilt to avoid burnout? 

Block out rest time

You may be used to blocking out your time to ‘plan social media’ or ‘meet with client’, but how about you block some time for relax time? If you are side hustling I know this can be hard because after work you just want to go go go, but you also need some time away from all things work – your brain will thank you! Block out an hour to watch some Netflix, go for a walk, go see your parents. Something that will help you feel rejuvenated after. 

Have a work-free weekend day

Have one day on the weekend where you do and think about work little to none. Turn of your notifications off for everything work related, peel yourself away from the study and spend quality time with your family and friends and do things that light you up! This is also a great time to get some relax in. Have a binge watch or do some personal development. 


Trust me when I say this, exercise is never on my radar, but recently it has been. Starting with gentle exercise can really help get those endorphins bubbling and get you feeling better. Go for walks to get some fresh air, or put on some yoga on Youtube and do it in your lounge room. It all helps! 

Eat nutritious meals

When you are feeling burnt out all you want to do is eat junk food. You are too tired to eat (or make) anything else. Eating proper meals will help your body have the energy it needs to help you restore yourself. Make a conscious effort to eat more fruit and veg and less pizza and chocolate!

Get a good nights sleep

It can be hard to get a decent nights sleep when you are constantly thinking or worrying about work. Try having a relaxing bath before bed, taking some magnesium and sprinkling a few lavender drops on your pillow. You can also research different ways to get a good night sleep and test to see which ones work for you!

If you constantly notice that you are feeling tired and exhausted, make sure you go see your GP to see if maybe it is something else going on. 

Remember, you can’t grow your business if you are too worn out to do it! 

Written by: Kye Anderson