August Business Tips Round-up

+ be relevant.⁠
Is your content and services/products relevant to your target audience? Do a quick audit to see if what you are creating is relevant to your customer avatar.⁠

+ be unique. ⁠
Make sure you do things out of the ordinary. It might be scary to not go with the status quo, but you can’t be great if you are doing what everyone else is doing. ⁠

+ be consistent. ⁠
Are you being consistent in your business? Whether it is posting to social media, newsletters, checking your numbers, networking, personal development, mindset and working on yourself. Make sure that you are remaining consistent, even if that is 10 mins a day.

+ Get Organised.
Whether it is your business affairs or your personal, being organised helps you stay aligned to where you want to go. Don’t waste time thinking about what you could be doing next, create a to-do list with actions that need to be taken to grow your business. ⁠

+ Learn from yesterday.
We are all a work in progress and even though it is only a day, you can learn a lot from the day before. Reflect on how your day went yesterday, the good and bad, and what you can do to improve, today. ⁠

+ Who surrounds you.
Are you surrounded by people who support you and that you admire? Start to distance yourself away from those who bring you down, or blame their problems on external circumstance and build a network of people who are your cheerleaders and who want to see you succeed.⁠

+ Start today. ⁠
Make a start today, no matter how big or small. If it is jotting down a rough plan, reaching out to someone you want to network with, creating that free trial on Square Space. START.⁠

+ Set Incremental Goals.⁠
It is always good to dream big but when you do, you need to break it down to a step by step plan. Create goals which will then come together to form your big goal – if you don’t, you might get lost and loose motivation. ⁠

+ Don’t give up. ⁠
As silly as this one might be, don’t give up. You might have a few failed launches, a few failed products, a few failed moments. Don’t take them as failures and give up. Take them as lessons that you have learnt and use this to know which won’t work for you business.

+ Say no to perfectionism:⁠
With perfectionism come little to no growth. You are so busy ensuring what you are doing is 100% perfect (spoiler: it never will be), that you won’t ever take the steps needed to grow. Once you are 80% happy with it, put it out there. You can always adapt and learn from feedback and.. well growing.⁠

+ Network over competition: ⁠
Having competition in your niche can make you feel a range of different things, and not good things. Remeber that people want to hear what YOU have to say. Your opinion, your values, your mission. They might be doing similar things, but no one does it quite like you. Instead, create a network with them. Don’t be scared to celebrate their successes and wins. And especially don’t be afraid to reach out to them and say hi! There are ‘plenty of fish* in the sea^’!⁠

+ Minimal Viable Product:⁠
Create a MVP before you spend hours and hours of time on something. If you are creating a course, a new products, a new offering – create something that you can put out to get some market research so that you can use that to validate your ‘thing’. You don’t want to spend hours creating something that your audience then turns around saying, “this isn’t something that we need or want”.