Do you have a personal development goal?

In business, a lot of people talk about how it is so important to have business goals and while they are correct, having a personal development goal is just as equally important. 

See, as entrepreneurs, we are always working so hard to grow our business to hit sales, marketing or other goals. But one thing we need to work harder on is growing ourselves. 

People can often think of personal development as a waste of time. Why would they spend an hour a day ‘growing themselves’ when they could be using to work on their business? 

And that is a valid point. It can seem like a time-waster at first when you have other pressing matters. But trust me on this, it’s not. 

I used to be like that. I used to think that working on your personal development was something that was just for show. I was naive. 

I started listening to podcasts about self-development and how to work on yourself to grow not only you and your business. And I started to love it! I started to read their book recommendations, doing their journaling practices and started in investing more in myself. 

And now, everyday I try to do a bit of personal development. 

So how do you get started in your personal development journey? 

Well, that depends. Everyone has different tastes and interests in personal development. But for me, it was my mind and self. 

You could: 

+ Listen to podcasts

+ Read up on all things personal development

+ Journal about the things you want to develop in

+ Look at courses

+ Look into meditation

+ Read books

+ Create a routine for yourself

+ Work with a mindest/business coach

+ Go for walks to process

Make sure you set a realistic goal for yourself. You don’t want to say ‘I will read two books a week’ and then feel stressed and disappointed when you don’t (because you are still busy trying to grow your business). Start small and increase it as you can. 

I started listening to podcasts while I was going for a walk. It was really good for me to be able to move my body and consume some content while doing so. I would pause the podcast and write notes on my phone if needed, or would just take a second to let it sink in.

Another thing to note is that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Personal development helps YOU. If you are empty, you won’t have any left for your business either.