How to get focused when doing tasks you don’t like


If you are a #solopreneur you have to do some tasks that you don’t like to do. Whether that is scheduling social media, clear your inbox or even do some planning, someone has to do it.. And well that would be you. 

So how do you get in the mood when you have been putting it off all day (okay…all week) and that stuff really (really) needs to be done. 

Start with a clear mind

A clear mind is a productive mind. Go for a walk outside, listen to a meditation or music, watch that ep on Netflix that you have been dying to watch (not sure if good advice or not? But hey it works for me). Put all your thoughts that you have on paper so you don’t keep thinking about them while you are trying to start working. Believe me, the laundry pile will still be there when you are done.

Turn off your notifications

If you are like me, you can have serious #fomo when it comes to your phone. I hate turning my notifications off as if I was so important that if I did, the world would doesn’t. What I hate more is that it actually works. Turning your notifications off leaves you distraction-free, less likely to scroll through Instagram for 2 hours because you got *one* notification. 

Turn off all distractions – go somewhere quiet

I used to be one of those people that was convinced I needed to have the TV on to be more productive, especially when it is a task that you don’t like doing! That was a lie I had fully convinced myself into believing. I believed that up until recently I got a desktop computer. It has been easier to use than my laptop so I have been glued to it. It also means I can’t take it near the TV to watch something. And guess what? My productivity level had improved! If you don’t believe me, try it yourself! 

Get in the zone

Now that you have no distractions, what helps you get (and stay) in the zone? My go-to is a cup of coffee and a notebook. It means I can sip on my hot beverage and have my notebook for all my thoughts that come through my head. If you haven’t tried this, it is a must! With your notifications off, you may have random thoughts that you ‘have to check right away’. It is easier to get distracted when it is a task that you don’t want to complete, instead of picking up your phone, jot them down to check up on later. 

Don’t procrastinate any longer! Trust me, when you start doing the work.. You’ll wonder why you even procrastinated for so long!