25 things you can buy from Kmart to set up your home office

We don’t know what it is, but having your workspace set up nicely instantly increases your productivity. If Harvard was to do a study on it, I would say 98% of people feel this. But I’m no scientist..

Being in business, you don’t have hundreds of dollars to splash out to set up a nice office space. That money rather goes into outsourcing, hiring, ads, subscriptions, business fees and those work “coffees” you keep having.

So how do you set up a workspace on a budget?

Cue Kmart.

Shop for all things aesthetically pleasing – but on a budget.

We have put together our list of favourites that you could buy to take your office from drag to Insta-worthy!

Desk accessories

Hammered Triple Wick Fragrant Candle – $15

Now I don’t know how this one smells, but something that looks this gorgeous should smell good right?

It has a ‘flowery’ scent with notes of citrus, floral, tea, powdery, green.


5 Pack Drawer Set – $16

This cute drawer set that can sit on your desk can house things like the pens you stole from that hotel years ago, sticky notes, clips and random little things.

If you wanted to go full DIY, you could even paint some of the drawers to match your brand colours. It will look good, and let you be a bit creative!


You Grow Girl Pot – Pink – $3.25

Now this pot might be quite small, but who wouldn’t want to have this to look at on your desk?

You know what? We will grow, girl!


Frame Collage Chelsea White – $12

This one you could either hang on the wall, or have it resting on your desk. I have one similar that just sits against the wall (#renting) and I love it.

Use it as a mood board and have some inspiring things on there so whenever you look at it, you go heck yeah!


Brass Look Planter – $7.50

Another pot I know.. But I am loving the golds at the moment and if you are a plant lover like me (real or fake) this can add a bit of oomff to your desk space.

Don’t want to use it as a planter? Use it to store your pens or dried flowers!


Large Toasted Vanilla Fragrant Candle – $8.50

Now this might not be the prettiest candle, but trust me when I say it smells so good for just $8.50.

I used it almost everyday and even move it to the bathroom to the bathroom when I have a bath.


Floor Accessories


Tufted Rug – $22

Now colour isn’t normally our thing (It also comes in a jute with black tufts) but this was too cute not to put on our list.

It will add a bit of brightness to your workspace and look super cute in photos #winwin


Tall Artificial Fiddle Leaf Plant – $49

There are so many benefits of having real plants. But if you are anything like us? You can’t keep them alive.

This “fake” fiddle leaf will give your workplace the joy that real plants do, but without the body count.


Foldable Seagrass Basket – $12

Okay so this one has two purposes.. You could put your throws or other items in it, or you could put your amazing fake fiddle leaf from above!

Adds a nice earthy tone to you office space.


Jute Rug – $45

Continuing with our earthy tones, this jute rug is absolutely gorgeous! There is also a larger one for $89 if your space permits.

It will go with basically anything!


Marmo Floor Lamp – $29

We got the desk version of this before the floor lamp came out. It is super functional for those people who work at night – there is no lamp shade to cast unwanted shadows.

Hot tip! Make sure you get a nice warm white bulb.


Elephant Ear Artificial Plant – $29

And because we love our plants, here is another fake one that looks ah-mazing!

(Last one, we promise!)


Storage Accessories


Oak Look Bookshelf – $49

This is a minimal storage “bookshelf” but we use it for books, boxes, plants, and candles – the opportunities are endless!


Short Locker – $30

This is to die for! Love the retro feel to having a locker in your office to store all your files or folders.

You could even do a bit of DIY and paint the door one of your brand colours!


Metal Tiered Plant Stand – $39

Okay so don’t scroll just yet. Yes, this is a plant stand but we turned ours into an indoor stand for our office.

It is great for those people who don’t want mismatched wood, or wood at all!


Oak Look Chest of Drawers – $69

Chest of drawers, or really good storage solution? We pick the latter. This is good for people who have a lot of paper or folders that want to keep them hidden.


8 Cube Unit – $35

Ahh the classic cube storage. You can never go wrong with these! It comes in white, oak and of course if you go to Ikea you can get it so many different colours.


Wall Accessories


Large Brass Round Mirror – $30

Now your office doesn’t necessarily need a mirror.. However mirrors do make spaces look larger and brighter. Plus, this one is nice to look at!


Alpaca Framed Print – $19

Black and white..tick
Really cute Alpacas..tick

More could you want!


Hanging Wall Shelf – $5

This isn’t really for a practical storage solution but it does look really good! If you just want somewhere to show off your notebooks (click here for some good suggestions) this is the shelf for you!


Woven Wall Hanging – $12

This wall hanging is quite simple, but adds a subtle colour and boho-esque feeling to your office! I have also seen people use them on the back of their chairs, but that can be pretty hit or miss..


3 Black Shelves – $16

These floating shelves are great because you could put them anywhere in your office. On the wall behind your desk so that when you do video there is something in the background, in front of your desk or even above one of the shelves above!


Other Ideas



Fringe Ottoman – $29

Well yes, you could always use it to rest your feet on but we would put it in the corner near some plants for #aesthetics


Tan Desk Chair -$59

Does your desk chair need a bit of a revamp?

You chair doesn’t have to be ugly. If you are going for the natural look, this tan chair will compliment your space nicely!


2 Pack Water Hyacinth Round Baskets with Lid – $14

And finally these cute baskets. I would use them to store odd paper or receipts, pen or even a secret lolly stash!

Share which item is your favourite by screenshotting and sending it to us!