When is the best time to post? We asked 4 marketers..


“When in the best time to post?!” is a question that many people ask. Some people would say between 6-9 am but just because it works for them, does that mean it is going to work for you? So to find out, we asked 4 different marketers when they think the best time to post it!

Two Girls and a Laptop

The short answer is when your audience is online (you can check this in your analytics). We also recommend you consider seasonality, for example, one of our ideal client profiles (Katherine) is a mum, so her social media usage changes over school holidays. Our engagement drops right off over school holidays as ‘Katherine’ is busy with her kiddies (as are we!).

JES Solution Marketing

Do your research and check your insights. Honestly, there’s so much gold in there that people miss out on purely because they don’t check it regularly or they have no idea where to find it. Your main social platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide you with insights for your page, so do yourself (and your biz) a favour and check them out! You will find out exactly when your target audience are predominantly online.

At the beginning, it’s trial and error. Post for a few weeks at different times of the day and on different days. Then check your insights after experimenting and see when your audience are online so you can capitalise on that!

Greenery & Co

This is based off your analytics and insights. You want to see when your busiest time of day is. Then based off of this, I would post just before this time. Ultimately, utilising Instagram stories I would ensure that you are posting QUALITY content to engage your audiences.

Dotcom Digital

It’s all in the insights and analytics! For me 11am or 7-9pm seems best. I have clients who’s post do best at 5pm though. It’s when your audience is online and everyone’s is going to be a little different.

So there you go! There is no “perfect” time to post, it is all about using your analytics and insights to find out when you audience is online and finding out which works best for them!