5 things you should know when DIY’ing your Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads DIY

When you are just starting out, or even if you are a few years in, you might not have the funds to outsource your Facebook Ads right away.

So you DIY them.

You click that boost button, you set your budget to $1 day because, heck! You don’t know what you are doing.

We asked Jess from JES Solution Marketing what she wished people knew before DIY’ing their Facebook Ads – and boy did we get some goodies!

1. Stop boosting posts. Use Ads Manager, pleeeeease.

2. Install your Facebook pixel onto your website and make sure it’s set up correctly, tracking the events you want to be re-targeting.

3. Make sure your website provides a great user experience. An awesome landing page which not only looks great on desktop but more importantly on mobile, too. You want to ensure you’re spending money driving traffic to a place that looks 11/10.

4. Know that it’s a process. You will not generate sales overnight. You need to invest in top of funnel content marketing first to engage your audience and build out that re-marketing data.

5. Have a decent budget. $1/day isn’t going to do you much and let’s be real, with big players on Facebook advertising every single day, the other brands who are spending more and targeting your same audience will be bidding much higher than you.

So next time you go to press that boost button or are just doing ads for the sake of doing ads, think about if it is actually going to be helping your business and strategy, or if it will just be costing you money.