How are you setting up your business for 2020?

business planning 2020

If you read the latest edition of the Business Edit. magazine, you would have read the ‘New year, new business’ article. It is all about setting up your business and yourself for the new decade.

(And if you haven’t click here to read it)

So how are you setting up your business for success in 2020?

Are you going to:

Make business planning a weekly event.

Give yourself an hour or two (or day if you can) to plan for your week, check the invoices, look at what content you are creating, reconcile those accounts, and check on your marketing strategies.

Branch out and network more.

Get out of your comfort zone and start networking more. You can meet new people, get your business out there and make some really cool business friends.

Factor in time for yourself.

Do you give yourself time relax, recuperate and develope? Give yourself the time to rest and reset without the guilt!

Realign yourself in your business.

As the year goes on, you and your business grow. Are you still aligned in your business or do you need to realign yourself?

Set your yearly goals.

Do you actually set goals for your business? Do you get specific and give yourself deadlines? Taking the time to brainstorm where you want your business to be next year will give you what goals and milestones you need to set.

Outsource and delegate.

Doing everything yourself? Outsourcing and delegating can not only give you more time to do the things you need to do, but it can get the job done quicker and better!

Invest in yourself.

Not big on the whole personal development thing? Invest in yourself whether it is a course, a coach, or even a retreat!

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