How much should you be spending on your Facebook Ads?

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The age old question of ‘how much do I really need to spend on Facebook Ads?’ has been answered.

Lindell from The Social Difference says, “it’s a bit like, how long is a piece of string.. but let me explain something which should help”.

When DIY’ing your ads, it can be quite confronting to put a daily limit on. Will the perform? Will I get the return?

But Lindell tells her Easy Ads Academy members to spend no less than $10 per day per ad campaign when starting out.

She says “$15-$20 per day would be my preference but you can start slow and scale when you have a winning ad set and good ROAS (return on ad spend).

You need to give Facebook enough budget to optimise the ad so that it reaches the best segment of your chosen audience that would follow through on your chosen objective. This is when the ad is in its learning phase.

When you give a very small budget it takes longer for FB to optimise to the right part of your audience. So with $10 per day, you could sit in the learning phase a while.

When the message and offer is perfectly in line with the objective and FB can show the ad to less people, they will “reward” in a way by lower cost per action. When you message/offer is not in line with the audience and they don’t respond well, the FB has to serve the ad to more people and that will cost you more per action taken”.

So there you go! Putting $1-$5 per day on a campaign won’t get you the results that will get you the most return.