Business ‘OOPS’ moments

Business Oops Moments.gif

Sometimes when you look at businesses you think ‘gee, they are so perfect. I bet they don’t make any mistakes like I do..’. 

And those businesses? Probably make mistakes on the daily. 

You see, business isn’t about being perfect. When you start a business you are already doing something that isn’t the ‘norm’. You don’t have someone telling you their expectations, your roles and responsibilities or KPI’s. It is just you and yourself. 

So naturally, you might make a few mistakes here or there. What you need to think about is not the mistake itself, but the lesson that you learnt from it. 

We asked a few businesses on what mistakes they have made and what they learnt from it! 

The Design Order – Zoe

Over the years I have had my fair share! The largest ones that spring to mind include things like: not backing myself enough, following the rules too stringently (the older I get the more I learn to be successful in business you need to become a bit of a maverick and bend the rules), going into partnership with someone I hardly knew and hiring for skill rather than attitude

Heidi Lou Design – Heidi

Um, how about many?! I think we all make mistakes but I wouldn’t change a thing. That’s how I’ve learnt to get to where I am now. And I’m sure I will continue to make mistakes, and grow from them! 

Two Girls and a Laptop – Helen and Jacqui

Yes, not having a launch plan and starting launch activity 3 months prior. But we learnt a valuable lesson.


The Real Her Project – Casey

I recently launched my membership and for a week straight the payment option didn’t work and I had no idea until someone messaged me on Instagram (bless their soul).  I have no idea how many members I lost that week but it’s a great reminder to check everything before you launch!


Dotcom Digital – Jodie

Lately? I’ve realised the need to extend project lead times mainly just to not overwork myself to meet deadlines. 


Greenery and Co – Erin

Hahaha, daily. It is an EVERY DAMN DAY part of business life. But you have to view it as a teachable moment and know you are going to learn something from it.