Should you use Canva? A graphic designers opinion.





It has helped the non-creatives become a creative. It has helped small businesses have access to create collateral without having to know the Adobe Suites.

But what does a graphic designer think of Canva?

Holly from King St Creative says, “The short answer is yes! In today’s content-driven marketing world, Canva is an awesome tool that puts simple, templated graphic design tools into everyone’s hands. It’s a great way to keep your content looking consistent, and you can’t forget the ol’ easy on the wallet factor. But, like everything with a pro, there’s a con! Problems arise when Canva gets pushed to do a more complicated design like logos, brochures, booklets, packaging, etc. At its core, Canva was created to be a SIMPLE, template tool for everyone to use – so of course, there are going to be limitations. While templates are one of the reasons Canva is so bloody great, it’s also where it can fall down. I mean, who really wants their content and branding to look the same or similar to everyone else’s!?”

I know I have seen the same templates with just the wording changed a few times! As Holly said, it is such a great tool and is easy on the wallet, but you need to be making sure that what you are creating is alike to your businesses branding – and not to mention unique that makes your brand stand out!

“My recommendation is to spend time developing branded templates in Canva (or ask your graphic designer to do this) for social media and use the heck out of it, but leave the more complicated design work for your designer. Not only will you achieve a happy balance with DIY and outsourcing (and your wallet will be happier for the compromise) but you can decide where you’re ok for more templated and bespoke design to be utilised”.