How to be mindful during isolation

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Written by Casey Mason

During these strange and unprecedented times, it can be overwhelming, not only on your business, but your life in general. Whether your kids are at home full time, or you have to work with your partner next to you all day long (lol), or worrying about money constantly, you could be prone to higher stress levels and feel slightly more uneasy on a day to day basis.

As business owners, we are normally the first to put our CEO hat on and strategise and plan and organise – but how do we do all that when the future’s so unclear? At some stage I am sure you have had a moment during isolation where you have just broken down, and I don’t blame you, it’s a confusing time!

To add to that, we see influencers, news broadcasts, Facebook posts, ads all telling us to take care of our mental health during this time – but where do you even start? You are busy, maybe even busier than ever at the moment, taking care of your mindset is probably your last priority…

Well, today I am here to switch things up! Because you should always be your first priority! No amount of work will ever be at it’s best if you are not performing optimally and showing up as your best possible self. You owe it to your business, and yourself to take just 20 minutes a day to check in with yourself, practice mindfulness and find inner peace.

Here’s 3 easy ways you can get going today…


1.     Check-in with yourself. Take some time, perhaps in the morning, before the day has begun to ask yourself how you are feeling? What is on your mind, are you doing ok? So much of the time we operate on autopilot.  Deadlines, to-do lists and jobs to be complete, we are normally operating to meet other expectations or demands, that we rarely check in with ourselves.  Allowing 5 minutes every day to really acknowledge how you are feeling and delving into why this may be, helps you stay more connected to self, keeps you self aware of how you are feeling and allows you to set up your day to work in alignment with your emotions.  When was the last time you asked yourself if you are ok?  It takes only 5 minutes and could completely change the course of your day.

2.     Practice being present when doing mundane tasks. Waking up, brushing your teeth, showering, getting dressed, cooking breakfast. Put yourself wholeheartedly into the normally boring and unconscious activities and notice everything, engage all 5 senses. What are all the elements that go into getting this task complete? How long did you take to learn it? When did it become a subconscious habit? Once you start thinking about it, you normally take more pride in the task, which creates a better result. You also appreciate everything it took to get you to the point where you can complete this task so easy. Through this, you begin to see the beauty in the small tasks, the small pockets of life. So much of the time, we wait for the big moments in life to be grateful, but there is just as much to be grateful for every day, you just have to be open and receptive to it, in the smaller tasks.

3.     Practice meditation. If you already incorporate meditation into your routine – AMAZING, 5 stars for you! However, if you are new or struggling, I suggest setting 5 minutes aside to move away from the office, the noise and chaos, play some calming music on YouTube and focus on your breathing. Probably the biggest tip a lot of experts suggest when practising mindfulness is to focus on the breath. A lot of us take short, shallow breaths, normally as an evolutionary response to stress. How do you feel when you take time to take deep, long, full breaths?  How does that affect your mood and energy?  What does slowing down do to your mindset? It makes you more mindful of the present 🙂 and yes thoughts will pop up, that’s fine! Acknowledge them, then go back to breathing. It will become easier over time with consistency, I promise!


These tasks are meant to be simple, and no extra effort on your day, but with big reward. When we operate from being in the moment, we are far less reactive, which can help us separate from stress and burnout. Taking the time to put yourself first, and be mindful of every activity can have a profound effect on your life and your business. 

Give these tips a go for the next week and see how they make you feel. Keep safe and remember to stay mindful 🙂