What it was like attending my first Business Retreat


@me cheering for all the things I learnt and all the people I met.

@me cheering for all the things I learnt and all the people I met.


Last year I attended my first business retreat – I’m talking 4 nights and 3 days of pure business bliss. Was I scared? Oh yeah! Was it everything I could have ever wanted in a business retreat? Heck yeah! The Finding Balance in Business Women’s Retreat by Angela Henderson [who might I add is an international award winning business coach for womenkeynote speaker and podcaster] was one of the best things to happen to my business and me!

Driving down to the Gold Coast from Brisbane to attend was a nerve racking experience. I had made this drive so many times before, but this was the first time I was ever attending a business conference. I didn’t know what to expect but I had high hopes. 

Each day was filled with different speakers, activities and a mastermind session. 

DAY 1.

I woke up early the first day to go grab some breakfast at one of the local cafes. The retreat is right near the beach so it was amazing being able to soak up some sun and sea air before a full day of learning. Once in the conference lobby waiting to go inside, to enter Angela insists on a hug to start the day with connection. 

We started the day with some speed dating; the introvert in me wanted to object but it was so lovely to be able to meet most of the strangers in the room all at once. It helps you get to know the other ladies and what their businesses are without the awkwardness.

While assigned seating is usually a bore, it was the best opportunity to meet and get to know the other ladies and their businesses more intimately.

Cherie from the Digital Picnic was the first speaker of the day. This amazing human spoke all about being uniquely you and how to humanise your business. Two things stood out to me from her session: own you and don’t be afraid to have a point of difference from everyone else. 

Up next  was the bold and bright Suzie from The Connection Exchange. Right on brand, she talked about building a confident, bold business, brand and mindset and she did not disappoint. Her energy draws you in, helping you resonate with what she says. . My top takeaway from Suzie was to position your brand not just in the mind of your clients, but in the life of your clients. 

Last up for the day was Steph from Steph Taylor; the 6P’s Framework for launching. She went through each step of the process and how she herself launched her killer podcast. My biggest ah-ha moment? The need to have a detailed launch plan and the bonus is having Steph there walking through it with you!

Each day ended with a Mastermind session at your table, and remember the assigned seating blah moment? Well it ain’t too bad when each day, one of the speakers is seated at your table with you, giving you direct access to them for that day!!

I was seated with Cherie and we each got to go around the table and listen and workshop a problem or question. It was amazing to hear from other businesses to see what they were going through and to see what Cherie would say. You can learn so much from other people and that was a massive take away for the whole day. 

Then the night began. We were all treated to an amazing buffet dinner at the hotel and we all got to hang out and talk. The whole day was amazing, a lot of valuable information was given and already my brain was swimming with ideas. 

DAY 2.

**Insert hug from Ange**

…and being randomly seated at a different table, with different people (soon to become one of the best parts of the retreat!). 

First up, Anita from Wordfetti talking about how to stand out in your industry through words. We were given so many amazing points about copy and how we can use storytelling to help our business stand out. One thing she said that has stuck with me is, “only dead fish go with the flow” and instead to add value and make a dent. 

The next speaker topic was the much anticipated ‘Getting Profitable with Facebook Ads’ by Salome from Shine & Succeed. oy, was this one an eye opener! She took us through 3 ways we could be using Facebook Ads in our businesses with useful tips to help the ads do well. It doesn’t have to be complicated, she showed us how simple FB Ads can be! 

Next was Aerlie Wildly with ‘How To Save Time and Scale with Systems.

Aerlie had asked the group prior to arriving what systems we needed help with and what was draining our time. Based on the group’s feedback she took us step by step through Asana, using it to our advantage. Who knew that creating systems didn’t have to be as daunting and boring as we make out in our head? 

The last speaker of the afternoon was the leading lady herself, Angela Henderson. She showed us how to increase sales and get more clients through challenge marketing. Challenge marketing was wildly successful for her so she took us step by step through how to create a challenge for your business and the specific elements we needed. 

After all the speakers were done we had another mastermind. I was at the table with Steph Taylor who was brilliant to listen to and the advice she gave. I know I said it before but I will say it again, there is so much value listening to someone else in business giving advice. 

We were then all treated to a boat cruise! I know what you are thinking, a boat cruise, on a business retreat? Yup, that’s just how cool it was! We all had to dress up in a colour, got to drink and dance the night away. It was the best end to day 2. 

The amazing dress-up boat cruise!

The amazing dress-up boat cruise!

DAY 3 – The Final Day

The morning started off a bit differently than the others. We were told to be silent from the moment we put our belongings into the room and then were guided to the beach – in complete silence. This exercise was for reflection. You could say at first I was a bit hesitant to be completely silent for half an hour and how that would help me reflect, but after we got to the beach I went and put my feet in the water, digging my toes into the sand and just let my thoughts come and go. It was something so simple, yet helped me clear my thoughts and really listen to what was going through my mind. 

Back inside, 40 women all using up half an hours worth of words at once, only the incredible Lisa Corduff could silence us! She dove into how we need to start being who we want to be and stop making excuses. One point she made was that failure is a complete illusion but so is perfection. 

Then came the implementation of what we have learnt over the last few days. Breaking it down into an actionable plan that we can use for the next year. Ange was there to answer questions and give advice to help us set our goals. 

That marked the end of the retreat. To this day I still reference the booklet we got given to fill out notes during our time there. Because this was my first business retreat, I didn’t know what to expect but of course you have your expectations. Did it exceed them? Definitely. Would I recommend this retreat to someone? Abso-freaking-lutely. 

There is a sense of community among everyone who went and have formed some great friendships as well. Not only did I get to expand my knowledge and plan for my business, but I got to work on myself too. 

You can find the Finding Balance in Business retreat link here: Finding Balance In Business Women’s Retreat – By Angela Henderson