Consistency breeds credibility


Whenever I hear people complain that Instagram “takes too much time” to work, I wonder how they make other social media networks to work them! Unlike Twitter or Pinterest where you need to be active throughout the day to see real results, you can post ONCE a day on Instagram and see consistent growth. So if you have time to schedule tweets or pins or scroll through your Facebook feed – you have time for Instagram.

Remember quality over quantity.

Your audience wants you to regularly show up, but don’t just post for the sake of posting. Consistency breeds credibility. People will grow to expect a certain level of quality and certain types of content. Don’t disappoint them by just throwing up a poorly lit photo or random graphic – that sends the message that you don’t really care.

Consistency matters for a few reasons – to stay relevant to your audience, you need to regularly show up in their feed. Also, the chance of new followers finding your account is more likely when you post a new photo – as people engage with it, their activity shows up in their followers’ activity feeds. Plus, if you’re using hashtags (which you should be), each time you post a photo you have the opportunity to get more eyes on your account.

I get it – as a business owner, you’re busy. I’m busy. We’re all busy. But if you plan ahead, you really shouldn’t have trouble posting once a day. I recommend setting some time aside once a week or a couple of times a month to schedule your posts in advance.

Not only should you post consistently, but you should maintain a consistent style and voice as well. Don’t use 10 different filters or fonts and all the colours of the rainbow – having a consistent visual theme is a proven way to get more followers. You don’t want your feed to look messy – you want it to look cohesive.

Take action:

If you’re not already planning your Instagram feed in advance, take 15-20 minutes and think about what you want to share over the next week or two.

Batch your photos and/or graphics so you have them prepared in advance and if you want to go ahead and schedule them out, I suggest using a program like PlanolyLater, or Hootsuite.

If you’re using more than 1-2 different filters, stop.

Key takeaway:

If you want to see consistent growth, post consistent content, consistently.