A day in the life with Bay Bradfield

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Bay Bradfield – Sales coach extraordinaire! If you haven’t got a copy of the latest BE Magazine, Bay gives you juicy steps to make more sales in your business so you can hit those goals you set for the FY, or use them to start strong next FY. She has helped so many people grow their business to new levels, but what exactly does an average day look like for Bay?

A day in the life: Bay Bradfield

Every morning I wake up at seven and jump straight in the shower. Like I literally get out of bed straight away and jump in. I have my goals and affirmations that I write on a piece of paper in the bathroom that I usually rotate. It depends if my goals are weekly or they might be a monthly goal or whatever, it just depends on how often I rotate them, whether the goals are still relevant. Basically I have them on a piece of paper and they are stuck on the outside of the shower glass. So every morning, in the first five minutes of waking up, I’m already going over my goals.

I’m saying affirmations as if I had already reached my goals and it really sets me up for the day, keeps me on purpose, and keeps me focused on my mission. And then I make a smoothie and sit straight down at my desk. So I am literally at my desk within 15 minutes of waking up – shower, goals, smoothie, desk. I’ve always tried or people have always said, you know, you have to have a morning routine and stuff like that. And you know, I have tried but I’ve realised that morning routines just don’t work for me, you know, sitting down, journaling, things like that just doesn’t work for me. Something I’ve been really focused on in the last few months is looking at like my energy flows. Like where do I have the most energy, where am I most productive?

And actually from waking up like seven til like 10 is like a really productive time for me to work on my business. S I skipped the morning routine and just get stuck straight into work. Usually on my coaching days I would work on the business from 7:15 9:00. Then I would go and do my hair and makeup and then I would be at my desk again ready to start my coaching calls with my clients from 9:30. And then all my coaching days, I always have them back to back (with about 15-20 minutes in between) because I think it’s really important that, you know, we chunk out our days without changing the type of tasks that we’re doing. So I like to do four to five sessions in one day on my coaching days.

So I have three designated coaching days a week, sometimes four and also meetings, like all of those sorts of things go on those days. So from 9:30 till about 3:30 is coaching and then at 3:30, I have finished all coaching and meetings for the day. I want to keep the quality of work high, like I’m not going to take a client when I know my energy falls. That’s why I find it so important to monitor your energy because then you can actually build your business around it. So 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM is when I’m working on the business. 9:30 to 3:30 is clients and meetings. I actually do an afternoon routine, going for afternoon walks, afternoon journaling, maybe I’ll just get on Netflix and just binge for an hour or two or listen to an audio book or anything like that that you would normally do in a morning routine. I do in the afternoon from 3:30 till 5. I call that my me time!

Then I make dinner and then usually it hits about six or seven and I go into another high energy space. I start to feel a little bit more energized again. I spend this time more on task planning so I’ll set tasks for my assistant, I’ll do project planning, I’ll look at my forecasts, all of those sorts of things. Have another look at my goals, look allocating my time for the week. So yeah, working on the business in the morning is more so those growth activities and getting stuff done, maybe getting revisions back to clients and stuff like that while my brain’s really high alert, then coaching clients, afternoon routine, and then the night I tend to go into that planning brain.

I think the message that I really want to get across in this, I don’t want people to copy mine because we all have different human chronotypes. A chronotype is basically how we’re programmed to actually have different energy spaces and that is why some people are night owls and some people are early birds. I would suggest to people to spend a week and just watch your energy. When do you slump and feel unproductive. Like for me, you’re not getting anything out of me after 3:30. I am absolutely unavailable. Like mentally, physically, but some people are really active in that time or like I have my best working hours from seven o’clock. Like I want to be at my desk at 7:15, 15 minutes after waking. I don’t want to do a morning routine.

Some people can’t even function until about 11 o’clock once they’ve done their morning routine. And what I really want to get across is there’s no right way, and there’s no wrong way. It doesn’t matter what somebody else is doing. Find out your chronotype, find out how you’re wired as a person and work with that. If you’re a morning person and work out where you best do tasks as well and then don’t mix them. You know? That’s why I do coaching back to back and only a few days a week because I’m in that focused state.